NUXUKIYO-E Chorus Pedal


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NUX's UKIYO-E is a DSP powerhouse that boasts three classic choruses inspired by classic pedals: the MXR Stereo Chorus, ARION SCH-1, and Boss CE-1—all in one miniature enclosure. Custom designed, in-house algorithms were created to reproduce the feel and characteristics of analog BBD chips which can be a little richer in low frequency content. All three of the modeled chorus effects are easily selected by simply pressing a button and all three can function in stereo thanks to the switchable TRS ins and outs. The first modeled chorus is an MXR ST Chorus but the tone controls have been eliminated and internally set at a neutral 12 o'clock position for both. The second model is based on the ARION SCH-1 which can be used to create a fairly realistic Leslie effect. Lastly, the third mode is based on the Boss CE-1, the first chorus pedal to exist which took it's inspiration from the built-in jazz amp choruses. For the best versatility in a compact package, the UKIYO-E from NUX is a lil' friend to pay attention to.

UKIYO-E Features

  • Chorus pedal models 3 vintage chorus effects
  • Simple 3 knob interface
  • USB-C connection for firmware updates
  • Can run in stereo using TRS cables
  • Tap tempo
  • Analog dry path
  • Dimensions: 3.7 x 2 x 2 in / 94 x 51 x 53 mm
  • Power Specs: 9V center-negative PSU not included
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