NunomoQun Mk2 Pocket Synthesizer


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Nunomo Qun Mk2

Nunomo's Qun mk2 is a compact portable synth designed to provide inspiration on-the-fly with exceptional sound quality courtesy of an in-house analog modeling, built-in looper and sequencer. A single large knob provides the main point of interaction with the buttons changing which parameters are used making navigation simple and quick. The pair of oscillators are analog emulations that have been in development for a number of years and offer a variety of sounds across four voices. The oscillators can be configured in either Quad Tone or dual mono. These oscillators can function as granular engines which can also be used for sampling. Oscillators and sounds can be sculpted thanks to the organic VCF that can run as a band pass, high pass, or low pass 2/4-pole filter. Modulation is complex and reminiscent of modular synth patching with four envelopes and an LFO.

The Qun also has a three track looper built in each with up to 24s of recording time quantized to the sequencer. And the sequencer, speaking of, is an absolute unit that has no business being this good with options like 2x and 3x note stuttering, step arpeggiation, pattern shuffling, randomness control, and all of this over 64 steps. The Qun mk2 has a handy 3 channel stereo mixer built-in with mute switch on each plus an extra input mode that lets the unit function as an effects processor. All samples, presents, recordings sessions, and firmware updates are done via a micro SD card. Nunomo's Qun mk2 is perfect for anyone looking to have an affordable, portable synthesizer to enhance an existing studio or performance setup, as well as being perfectly capable of powering a session by itself.

Qun Mk2 Features

  • Compact digital synthesizer
  • 2 Oscillator analog modeling engine with 2 voices each
  • Sound engine can run in dual mono or 4 voice operation
  • Oscillators can function as granular engine
  • 3 Track looper with 24s of recording time
  • 64 Step sequencer with note stutter, randomness control, step arpeggiation, transposition, and pattern shuffling
  • Organic sounding 2/4-pole VCF
  • 4 Operator FM mode
  • 4x Envelope generators
  • Input for audio or modulation signals
  • Selectable effect: delay, chores, or flanger
  • MIDI controllable LFO
  • Modulation routing similar to modular patching
  • Power: USB
  • Dimensions: TBD
Nunomo Qun Mk2 Pocket Synthesizer Reviews