Nonlinear LabsC15 MIDI Bridge MIDI Dongle


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Nonlinear Labs C15 MIDI Bridge

For incorporating all your MIDI needs into your Nonlinear Labs C15 comes the C15 MIDI Bridge. Get sequences from your DAW across to the C15 via the MIDI Bridge's USB host functionality. Each side of the MIDI Bridge presents a USB type B port, so even MIDI devices that support USB MIDI can also send and receive MIDI by way of the C15. Record all your C15's note values, high-res velocities, CCs, and even program changes, and if that wasn't enough, you can also set up MIDI Split zones and Parts via different MIDI channels! Add more performance and recording functionality to your C15 with the MIDI Bridge from Nonlinear Labs.

C15 MIDI Bridge Features

  • C15 MIDI Dongle
  • USB type B to type B convertor
  • Functions as a USB host
  • Transmits and receives notes, hardware control positions, and program changes
  • 14-bit resolution for Note Velocities and Controls available
  • Separate MIDI channels for Split zones and Parts
  • Supports local on/off
  • Includes single USB A to B cable
  • Meant for passing MIDI between the Nonlinear Labs C15 and a computer
  • Includes single USB A to B cable
Nonlinear Labs C15 MIDI Bridge MIDI Dongle Reviews