Noise LabPrime Mover Analog VCO


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Noise Lab Prime Mover

Based on the legendary Curtis 3340 VCO chip, the Prime Mover Analog VCO from Noise Lab offers an intriguing mix of vintage and forward-looking approaches to the voltage-controlled oscillator. The Prime Mover generates four main outputs–Sine, Pulse, Triangle, and Saw, all of which can be modified by a pair of onboard voltage-controlled waveshapers, I and II, for additional timbral control. A fifth sub output at one or two octaves below the fundamental pitch is also available.

A detented six-position rotary control facilitates straightforward octave transposition, while the 1V/Oct CV input produces good tracking over ten octaves. The dedicated attenuator and optional portamento control add shape and character to the FM input, which can be scaled linearly or exponentially with the flip of a switch.

Another unique feature is the Prime Mover's CV Thru jack, which passes any frequency CV onto another source, allowing you to assemble massive monophonic detuned sounds or produce stacked chords with ease. Make big moves with the Prime Mover!

Prime Mover Features

  • Voltage-controlled analog oscillator
  • Stellar 1 volt-per-octave tracking over 10 octaves
  • Voltage controlled waveshaping
  • Pair of wave shapers produce sine/folded sine, pulse/double pulse, triangle/double triangle, and saw/double saw
  • Simultaneous hard- and soft-sync
  • Optional portamento control
  • Switchable Linear/Exponential FM
  • CV Thru Jack outputs a buffered copy of frequency CV signal
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 16hp
  • Depth: 26mm
  • Current draw: 57mA@ +12V, 52mA @ -12V
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