Noise EngineeringZularic Repetitor Dynamic Rhythmic Generator


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Noise Engineering Zularic Repetitor

The Noise Engineering Zularic Repetitor is a rhythmic gate generator for use in Eurorack modular synthesizer systems. The module’s algorithm is based on African music theory. The Mother section houses 30 rhythms sourced from African, Funk, Indian, Latin, and Rock origins. From there, each pattern outputs four parts and allows for the offset of three analogous to the Mother pattern. Offset for each pattern is provided manually via dedicated knob or remotely via CV. 

Zularic Repetitor contains two additional modes: the first transforms it into a tripartite divider capable of being controlled manually or via CV, the second transforms it into a random gate generator with knob/CV probability manipulation. 

Zularic Repetitor Features

  • The MOTHER knob selects the pattern set that is output. The MOTHER knobacts as a scalar for the MOTHER CV. The current patch is displayed on the LEDsnear the center top. A key to the patterns is included later in the manual.
  • The CHILD knobs control the offset in beats of each part versus the motherrhythm. The knob acts as a scalar for the input CV.
  • The WORLD switch selects which bank of patterns to use. They are grouped byworld. Old world contains Indian, African and African relatives such as Vodou.New world contains Funk, Rock and other more modern rhythms. The status ofthe WORLD switch is indicated by the orange LED.
  • The BEAT input is a clock input that advances the time on the rising edgeand returns any active gates to zero on the falling edge.
  • The MEASURE input resets the beat to the start of the measure on a rising edge.
  • The RST button will pause the advancement of time while depressed and whenreleased reset the time back to the start of the measure.
  • MOTHER outputs a 6v low impedance gate suitable for controlling most any gatedriven device.
  • CHILD outputs a 6v low impedance gate suitable for controlling most any gatedriven device.

  • 8 HP
  • Depth: .8 inches
  • Standard Eurorack Power
  • +12V @ 50mA; -12V @ 5mA

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