Noise EngineeringQuantus Ampla Quad VCA + Mixer


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Noise Engineering Quantus Ampla

Offering more than your standard four-channel VCA, the Quantus Ampla from Noise Engineering has unique normalizations and CV responses that set it apart from the rest. At first glance you can tell this is different, and the top gives it away with four individual Amplify/Attenuate switches. Each channel allows you to change the CV input's response to positive voltage, either opening (amplify) or closing (attenuate) the VCA. The CV inputs are also circularly normalled, so you can easily create ducking effects over multiple voices, volume fades, and transitions, all with minimal patching. The outputs mix down so you can treat this as a single four-channel mixer, a three-channel and one-channel mixer, or dual two-channel mixers. On top of this, each VCA is DC-coupled, so it will process CV and gate signals just as well as audio signals. You need more VCAs, so might as well make it the Quantus Ampla.

Quantus Ampla Features

  • 4 channel VCA
  • Independent amplify/attenuate switches for each channel
  • DC-coupled
  • CV inputs circularly normalled
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 6hp
  • Depth: 21mm
  • Current draw: 65mA @ +12V, 60mA @ -12V
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