Noise EngineeringCursus Iteritas Alia Digital Oscillator (Black)


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Noise Engineering Cursus Iteritas Alia

Brought into the current era of swappable Alia firmwares, the Cursus Iteritas Alia is the latest version of Noise Engineering's dynamically-generated wavetable oscillator. Making use of some far-out synthesis techniques, CIA offers some unique timbres you won't find anywhere else. Fourier is built upon sine waves; Daubechies utilizes wavelets; and Walsh employs the Walsh transform—all of which are highly tweakable by an abundance of parameters and waveshaping options. All parameters feature external CV inputs for dynamic patching, with a newly added sub-oscillator output offering even more options for gnarly sounds. Explore some new sonic spaces with the Cursus Iteritas Alia by Noise Engineering.

Cursus Iteritas Alia Features

  • Dynamic wavetable and additive oscillator
  • 3 modes: Daubechies, Fourier, Walsh
  • 3 frequency ranges: Bass, Alto, Treble
  • Abundant controls with CV inputs
  • Sync input and Hold button
  • Sub-oscillator output
  • Swappable firmware support—turn your module into a BIA and more!
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 10hp
  • Depth: 22mm
  • Current draw: 100mA @ +12V, 15mA @ -12V
Product Demo Videos
Introducing Incus Iteritas Alia and the return of Cursus and Ataraxic to the Alia platform
We are pleased to bring back Ataraxic Iteritas and Cursus Iteritas, as well as announce Incus Iteritas Alia, a new voice.

Incus Iteritas Alia is a new complete voice designed for percussion and instrument synthesis. Incus has a massive timbral range, with three modes designed for different synthesis duties. From the ground up, Incus was designed to be playable, and each of its parameters has a big range with tons of sweet spots. It’s a great choice for performance systems where versatility in a small space is key.

Cursus Iteritas Alia is our take on a spectral/wavetable oscillator. Cursus Iteritas has long been regarded as the gentlest, most melodic Iteritas oscillator, but its Fold and Edge parameters can bring it the territory of aggressive and in-your-face sounds, too.

Ataraxic Iteritas is an oscillator inspired by retro game sounds and glitchy textures. It’s a wonderful choice for alien sound design and impactful sounds that take up the whole sonic spectrum. It has a huge low end, responds wonderfully to modulation, and it’s great for basslines and chiptune-inspired leads. Its design was inspired by the first-ever Noise Engineering module, Ataraxic Translatron.

Like with our other platforms, if you own any Alia module, you can swap to any other Alia firmware for free by going to the Noise Engineering Customer Portal and connecting with the included USB cable.
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