Noise EngineeringAtaraxic Translatron Oscillator


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Noise Engineering Ataraxic Translatron

The Noise Engineering Ataraxic Translatron is a linear feedback shift register oscillator for use in Eurorack modular synthesizer systems. The model was inspired by the chips used in first generation video game consoles like the Atari VCS and others. Linear feedback shift registers are an ingenious means of achieving complex tones with minimal hardware. Ataraxic Translatron brings these distinct sounds to the realm of Eurorack modular synthesizers, enabling them to be used much like a traditional VCO. 

Each tone enjoys a six-octave range, is governed by a single 1V/Oct input with dedicated CV input, and can be clocked either internally or externally. The Ataraxic Translatron is all this and more compressed into a solid 4HP. 

Ataraxic Translatron Features

  • Tone Display
  • Pitch Control
  • Tone Control
  • Tone CV input
  • 1v/8VA Input
  • CV/CLK Input
  • Audio Output


  • Eurorack Module
  • 4 HP Width
  • +12v: < 50mA Current Draw
  • -12v: < 5mA Current Draw
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