Noise EngineeringAtaraxic Iteritas Magnus 5U


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Noise Engineering Ataraxic Iteritas Magnus

Ataraxic Iteritas Magnus is the 5U version of Noise Engineering's fantastic Eurorack glitch oscillator bearing the same name. Inspired by the sounds of the vintage video games and circuit-bent instruments, Ataraxic Iteritas Magnus is an oscillator like no other. It excels in the creation of devastating lead tones while retaining a surprising amount of melodic potential. The internal collection of 3-bit tables is further shaped through wavefolding, distortion, and amplitude modulation algorithms. Rest assured, there is nothing in the 5U universe that sounds even remotely close to Ataraxic Iteritas Magnus.

Ataraxic Iteritas Magnus Features

  • 5U version of the Noise Engineering 3-bit wavetable oscillator
  • Bass/Alto/Treble range switch
  • Built-in control for asymmetric wavefolding
  • Comb emphasizes high or low harmonics
  • Shape controls interpolation between waveforms
  • Every parameter is CV-controllable
  • Traditional 5U-style panel lettering
  • Width: 2MU
  • Depth:1.5"
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