Noise EngineeringLacrima Versio Stereo Autowah

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Lacrima Versio

Adding a classic guitar effect with a modular twist to the Versio family comes Noise Engineering's Lacrima Versio, a very flexible and morphable stereo auto-wah effect. Starting with what makes an auto-wah pedal, Lacrima not only showcases a low pass filter, but instead a morphable low to band to high pass filter. What shapes the auto-wah is the "Env'' parameter, a bipolar envelope follower that can tilt the filter frequency in either direction—pressing the Hit button will manually trigger the envelope. Further control such as frequency cutoff and resonance allow for a more tailored auto-wah experience, while the blend control determines the dry/wet state of the effect, great for introducing tasty phasing.

Lacrima not only gives you a wonderful filter to work with, but also allows you to color with both lush and destructive processing. Add subtle drive to fully clipped saturation via the Sat parameter, and place the saturation pre, post, or pre & post filter. For more nasty and gritty textures, turn up the Mod knob for audio-rate modulation that swells all the way into an octavising effect. Finally, you can add one of two sweet and widening chorus effects to the end of your chain for smoothing and thickening your final sound—the chorus isn't affected by the Blend control! Each of these parameters are modulatable via the CV inputs, and with it being a Versio, you can always swap the firmware with another Versio module via the USB connection on the back of the module.

Turning the classic take on a fuzzy, ringy wah pedal into a brilliant modular effect, Lacrima Versio from Noise Engineering is a fantastic stereo filter with some unique characteristics to add to your system.

Lacrima Versio Features

  • Stereo auto wah expanded
  • Blend, filter morph, resonance, saturation, filter cutoff, envelope follower, and modulation parameters, all with CV inputs
  • Hit button with CV/trigger input
  • Saturation routing three-way switch (pre, post, and pre+post filter)
  • Stereo chorus three-way switch (off, type I, and type II)
  • Easily update firmware using USB
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 10hp
  • Depth:
    • Eurorack module
    • Width: 10hp
    • Depth: 38mm
    • Current draw: 70mA @ +12V, 70mA @ -12V
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Product Demo Videos
Lacrima Versio - Autowah from Hell on Versio DSP Platform
Lacrima Versio's roots are in the classic analog autowah pedals, but we don't stop there. LV features an envelope follower that controls a high-resonance filter. Morph the filter between lowpass, bandpass, and highpass slopes, and Lacrima covers all the sounds you’d expect from a typical wah – but this is not your typical wah. Route an adjustable distortion pre, post, or pre+post filter for some saturation crunch. Add width and motion (and just a little otherworldly tone) to your sounds with a stereo chorus. Last but not least, use the Mod parameter to add audio-rate modulation and octavizing to your signal.
Noise Engineering Lacrima Versio Stereo Autowah Reviews