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New Systems InstrumentsTriphase Oscillator


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New Systems Instruments Triphase Oscillator

Triphase Oscillator by New Systems Instrument is a crisp analog oscillator specializing in the phase relationships of three otherwise identical waveforms. 100% analog in its design, the Triphase Oscillator provides coarse and fine tuning controls at the top for its three sawtooth waves, along with an FM input. From here, each channel then offers its own phase offset control, plus a bipolar mix control for blending and cancelling phase-shifted harmonics in the resultant Mix output. Individual outputs are available of course, but it's the comb-like and supersaw-esque sounds that the blended Mix output makes possible that showcase the Triphase Oscillator's magic.

Triphase Oscillator Features

  • Analog triple phase oscillator
  • Global Coarse, Fine tuning controls
  • Shared Sync, 1V/Oct, and FM inputs
  • Three sawtooth channels with Phase and bipolar Mix controls
  • Mix and individual outputs
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 18hp
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Current draw: 50mA @ +12V, 50mA @ -12V
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Triphase Oscillator Overview
The Triphase Oscillator is a Eurorack Module from New Systems Instruments that lets you explore the space of phase interference. It is an oscillator with three independent phases, with modulation, and a bipolar mixer to combine them.

The first / last patch uses two Triphase oscillators. The lower Triphase is taking two outputs panned left and right and one panned center, with different LFOs modulating the left and right phase. This gives it a stereo chorus type of effect. The higher/melody Triphase has an envelope controlling one of the phases, and an LFO controlling the other two. This makes a square notch that is large at the beginning and then becomes smaller, with both the width of the notch and its position relative to the saw changing. End of chain reverb is added. There are no filters, VCAs, or other modules making or modifying sounds.

Most of the other patches should be pretty self-explanatory. They are recorded dry.

The melodic patch is sequenced from a keystep.

The FM patch is doing audio rate FM from the Inertia, which is configured as an oscillator here.

The hard sync patch is synced with an offscreen oscillator, and uses the Inertia as an envelope to control the pitch of the Triphase.
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