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Neutral LabsElmyra 2 Drone Synthesizer (Eurorack)


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Neutral Labs Elmyra 2

Introducing the Neutral Labs Elmyra 2, a highly versatile Eurorack synthesizer module that packs a powerful punch. Elmyra 2 boasts four touch plate or CV-activated voices, offering an impressive array of sonic possibilities. Whether used as a standalone unit or integrated into a Eurorack system, the Elmyra 2 delivers an exceptional synthesis experience.

With 31 modulation targets at your fingertips and dedicated sequencers for each voice, you have complete control over your sound. Explore the vast sonic landscape with the built-in delay, LPF, and the unique "Ouch" circuit, providing endless possibilities for sound shaping. Customize your sonic palette even further using the exposed front panel jumper inserts and the convenient Eurorack patch bay, enabling seamless integration with other modular gear.

Not limited to internal synthesis, the Elmyra 2 can also process external audio, allowing you to add a distinctive touch to any sound source. It offers a range of utility features, including an attenuator, buffered mult, summing circuit, and 2 LFOs for versatile modulation options.

Enjoy the flexibility of choosing from various scales, including 7, 9, 15, 17, and the default 12-tone chromatic scale. Dive deeper into sound exploration with advanced features such as filter type selection, built-in reverb, saturation control, delay synchronization, and more.

Whether you're delving into mesmerizing drones, exploring microtonal nuances, or seeking a wide range of synth tones spanning from gentle to intense, the Elmyra 2 is your ideal companion. Its remarkable versatility and sheer fun factor make it a must-have for any experimental musician or synth enthusiast.

Elmyra 2 Features

  • Versatile hybrid digital/analog synth voice for your Eurorack system
  • Activate the four voices through touch or CV control
  • Explore 31 modulation targets for enhanced sound manipulation
  • Utilize 41 patch points to create complex signal routing and connectivity
  • Excite envelopes through touchpads, allowing for modulation in other areas
  • Choose between a switchable 2-pole or 4-pole resonant SVF or LPF filter
  • Add depth and space with the built-in delay and lo-fi reverb effects
  • Mangle your bits with the unique and expressive "Ouch" section
  • Customize your sound further with included cards or other diodes using exposed jumper points
  • Enjoy nine modulations per voice, including unison detune, sub-oscillators, saturation, bitmangler, sample rate reduction, noise, and high-pass/low-pass filters
  • Two LFOs for additional modulation possibilities
  • Also available as a desktop module in dedicated enclosure
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 42hp
  • Depth: TBD
  • Current draw: typ. 65 mA, max. 100 mA @ +12V, 0mA @ -12V
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Neutral Labs Elmyra 2 platform for microtonal sonic exploration and drone synth demo
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