Neural DSPQuad Cortex Quad-Core Digital Effects Modeler + Profiler


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Neural DSP Quad Cortex

Compact, powerful, and capable of consolidating entire rigs down into one floor-based package, Neural DSP's Quad Cortex is an effects modeler, profiler, and processor designed for the future. If you've tried any of the Neural DSP plugins you'll know that their modeling techniques are top-tier, and the Quad Cortex packs this power and more into a shockingly small hardware unit. Of course, it also doubles as an audio interface and MIDI control center, functioning as a brain for all manner of live performance and studio rigs.

Neural DSP boasts that Quad Cortex is the most powerful floor modeler available, and its hardware specifications live up to that statement. Inside are six processing cores: four SHARC+ DSP chips and two ARM Cortex-A5 MCUs, all working together to offer plenty of processing power for some of the wildest effects patches imaginable. These digital capabilities are matched by exceptional hardware engineering—a 7" multi-touch screen, custom-machined aluminum body, and unique stainless steel combination stomp switches and rotary encoders give you tactile and direct means of interfacing with your tones.

Quad Cortex is packed with over 50 each of amps, effects, and cabinet IRs—and Neural DSP is constantly working to add more. If that's not enough, Neural Capture technology allows Neural DSP's AI technology to profile any of your existing amps, cabinets, and overdrive pedals. This means anything can become a model inside the Quad Cortex: rare gargantuan amplifiers, prized vintage pedals too valuable for the stage, and more. Simply mic it up, connect the dedicated Capture Output on the Quad Cortex to the device's input, and run the Neural Capture process. If you're not equipped to capture your own equipment, a Neural DSP online account allows for access to Cortex Cloud, a community of players, producers, and more sharing their captures and presets for all to use.

Configuration and customization is a key design point in all aspects of the Quad Cortex. After all, many of our musical needs are so varied, devices that can accommodate them all are incredibly desirable! The Quad Cortex features versatile, multi-purpose audio inputs and outputs to connect with practically any instrument—not just guitar and bass, but synthesizers, vocal microphones, and more! The primary audio inputs are XLR-1/4" TRS combination jacks, sporting impedance controls for pickup-based instruments, plus preamps and phantom power for microphones that require it. Balanced XLR outputs, plus secondary blanched TRS outputs and headphone outputs give you a plethora of ways to monitor your sound. There's even an external dual mono or stereo effects loop that may be repurposed as additional I/O if needed.

Further control and connectivity may be found with the MIDI and USB ports. The Quad Cortex may equally receive and transmit program and control change messages, ensuring that it can function as both a seamless addition to an existing rig or become the brain of one. The USB port allows for computer connection, with the transmission of MIDI and audio between your DAW and the Quad Cortex, as well as providing the means for firmware updates and the like.

The future of effects processing and modeling is here. Whether you're a guitarist looking for cutting-edge tones and integrations with your studio or stage setup, or a multi-instrumentalist intrigued by the compelling design and engineering at play, Neural DSP's Quad Cortex will not disappoint.

Quad Cortex Features

  • Quad-Core effects processor
  • Compact floor-based unit
  • Running 4x SHARC+ DSP chips plus 2x ARM Cortex-A5s for unmatched processing capabilities
  • 50+ each of amp and effect models
  • 50+ included cabinet IRs
  • Neural Capture technology allows for your real amps, cabs, and overdrive effects to be profiled and used inside the QC
  • 7" multi-touch screen
  • Proprietary dual-purpose stomp switches and rotary encoders
  • Grid-based amp and effects arrangement
  • Create backups and share presets, captures, and IRs with Cortex Cloud
  • Flexible, assignable I/O
  • Dual combination XLR-1/4" TRS audio inputs for instruments, microphones, and live-level sources
  • Dual mono or stereo effects loop
  • Separate XLR, TRS 1/4", and Headphones stereo outputs
  • Capture Output for Neural Capture
  • 5-Pin MIDI I/O
  • USB port for firmware updates and audio/MIDI connectivity with computers
  • Dimensions: 29 x 19 x 4.9 cm / 11.4" x 7.5" x 1.9"
  • Power Specs: 12VDC (PSU included)
Product Demo Videos
CorOS 2.0.0 Deep Dive
Neural Capture | Quad Cortex Studio Demo
Neural Capture: Capture, share and download your favorite rigs’ sounds. Equipped with our unique biomimetic AI technology, Quad Cortex can learn and replicate the sonic characteristics of any physical amplifier, overdrive, and cabinet with unprecedented accuracy.

Unlike any other, our sophisticated neural network algorithm perceives sound akin to human perception, making it the most natural-sounding capture solution on the planet.
Neural DSP Quad Cortex Quad-Core Digital Effects Modeler + Profiler Reviews