Neural DevicesTempest Analog Chorus + Vibrato Pedal


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Neural Devices Tempest

Neural Devices' Tempest is an analog chorus and vibrato based around a BBD chip, ensuring that all of that warmth and organic movement weaves its way through your signal. Choose between four different modulation shapes with sine, square, triangle, and random all of which have adjustable Depth, Rate, and Lag. Use an expression pedal or built-in ramp generator to modulate the Rate, Depth, or Blend controls for even weirder sonic contortions. Two foot switches are available for standard latching bypass operation or momentary, along with Tap Tempo and Ramp triggering, making this an incredibly expressive pedal. The Tempest from Neural Devices pushes the limits of what's possible for analog chorus and modulation pedals.

Tempest Features

  • BBD-powered analog chorus/vibrato
  • 4 Waveshapes: Sine, Triangle, Square, and Random
  • Rate, Tone, Blend, Depth, and Lag controls
  • Built-in Ramp generator for internal modulation
  • Expression pedal input for manual modulation
  • Dimensions: TBD
  • Power Specs: 9VDC (not included)
Neural Devices Tempest Analog Chorus + Vibrato Pedal Reviews