NANO ModulesEXP4 Expander for Performance Mixer


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NANO Modules EXP4

If you need to squeeze a bit more function out of your NANO Performance Mixer, the EXP4 Expander offers individual stereo outputs for each channel along with a host of other handy features. Whether you're multi-tracking or want to process stereo-ified and automated sources with other effects, the individual outputs are ideal for getting even more creative with your mix. Additionally, EXP4 gives you CV inputs for each channel's Mute function, as well as control inputs for the Aux sends of channels three and four. For just an additional four HP, EXP4 lets you vastly increase the patching possibilities with your NANO Performance Mixer.

EXP4 Features

  • Expander for NANO Performance Mixer
  • Stereo outputs for each channel
  • CV inputs for channel 3 and 4 Aux Sends
  • CV inputs for Mute control
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 4hp
  • Depth: TBD
  • Current draw: TBD
Product Demo Videos
Motion Loop your Eurorack Mixes with 12 Knob Recorders!! // NANO Modules Performance Mixer & EXP4
Here we have something I haven’t seen before, a mixer than records knob and fader turns. This is 12 lots of independent ‘motion loopers’ for the volume, pan and aux send controls. It’s a simple and easy to use addition to the Performance Mixer that’s been fantastic to use. Whether that’s just one simple auto panning hi hat move, or slow (up to 12 second records) more ambient level swells and custom FX throws … it’s as subtle or full on as you like, all with a human touch.

The Performance Mixer has all the features you might expect like sends/returns, click free mutes, a cue bus, headphone cue mix system, direct stereo outputs on the expander, CV over mutes (on the expander too) and CV over the channel controls.


00:00 Hello & patch previews

00:59 What are we doing here?

01:39 Feature run down

03:39 Knob recorder quick demo

05:09 Panning loops & parallel compression set up
- Beats, bass and washed out lead lines

08:39 Beautiful animation & performance controls
- Chordal drones, arpeggios & FX

12:33 Sidechaining channels + Additional inputs via the AUX returns
- Melodic Techno?

15:27 Mute modulation - chopping up your patches!
- Cutting up beats, FX and melodies

16:43 Motion looping+ external CV control & everything else
- Retro Sci Fi Alien Critter Landscape
NANO Modules EXP4 Expander for Performance Mixer Reviews