NANO ModulesCAIXA 104 Eurorack Case - 3U / 104HP


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NANO Modules CAIXA 104

NANO Modules' CAIXA 104 is the solution for small, portable Eurorack cases with plenty of power, depth, and integrated modules so you can easily use just the essentials for your performance. The key feature is a useful row of integrated modules at the top of the case with inputs, outputs, and a stereo mixer section you can easily route your sound. Two LFOS, a precision adder, sample and hold, and buffered mult complete the functional row with voltage and modulation utilities.

Up to 19 modules can be powered with the generous 30w power supply and the busboard features reverse power protection. With 60mm of clearance outside the busboard and 47mm above the busboard, you have plenty of room for beefy modules. An integrated handle makes it easy to carry and the optional soft case can protect it for longer journeys. If you want a small performance case and don't want to worry about utility modules taking up space, the CAIXA 104 from NANO is a great option.

CAIXA 104 Features

  • 104 HP Eurorack case with integrated utilities
  • 7 Integrated modules: balanced inputs, buffered mult, precision adder, 2x LFOs, sample and hold, stereo mixer, and stereo line out with headphone output
  • 30W Power supply
  • Busboard supports 19 modules
  • Reverse power protection
  • 60mm Depth outside busboard, 47mm above busboard
  • Handle
  • Power Supply: 30W, provides 1.25A @ +12V, 1.1A @ -12V, 0.5A @ +5V
  • 104HP
  • Depth: 47mm over busboard, 60mm otherwise
  • Dimensions: 21 x 8 x 3.4 in (535 x 200 x 85 mm)
NANO Modules CAIXA 104 Eurorack Case - 3U / 104HP Reviews