myVoltsTAPS Beatsplitter Signal Splitter


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myVolts TAPS Beatsplitter

Designed to split or merge outputs and inputs, the TAPS Beatsplitter from myVolts is a compact solution for routing. Bidirectional, the Beatsplitter has one TRS-M 3.5mm jack and two TRS-F 3.5mm jacks that can be configured in several ways. In either input or output mode, the two TRS-F jacks can be switched to pass true stereo, double the right channel (RR), or double the left channel (LL). This can be useful for simply sending out two copies of a stereo signal for two headphones, or for headphone monitoring one while recording the other. Smaller synths will also send a sync output on one channel with audio on another, in the case of Pocket Operators. If you want to sync multiple POs together but have them all on separate tracks, the Beatsplitter is the way to do it. You can also take two inputs and feed them to the TRS-M jack, for example, if you are using a smartphone to record two different sources simultaneously you can set the inputs to be LL for one and RR for another giving you two separate mono tracks when you split the file in a DAW. The Beatsplitter from myVolts is a handy little device that can make its way into any studio's adapter drawer.

TAPS Beatsplitter Features

  • Compact passive input/output splitter
  • 2x TRS-F jacks with switchable operation: Stereo, LL, and RR
  • 1x TRS-M jack
  • Can be combined and stacked with another Beatsplitter
  • Passive
  • 2x TRS-F 3.5mm
  • 1x TRS-M 3.5mm
myVolts TAPS Beatsplitter Signal Splitter Reviews