myVoltsRipcord USB to DC Power Cable - 12V (Center Positive)


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myVolts Ripcord

The myVolts Ripcord is the perfect solution for powering your synthesizer, drum machine, or other device from any USB port, whether it's a phone charger, laptop, or power bank. On one end is a standard Type-A USB plug, and the other hand has a barrel plug for powering your device. Ripcord handles all of the voltage conversion and regulation internally, so you can rest assured that you're powering your device properly.

Ripcord Features

  • USB to DC power adapter
  • Convert 5V power from USB port into 12V
  • Center Positive Tip
  • Compatible with both 2.1mm and 2.5mm jacks
  • Barrel Plug Dimensions: 2.1 or 2.5mm x 5.5mm
  • USB Type-A Plug
myVolts Ripcord USB to DC Power Cable - 12V (Center Positive) Reviews