myVoltsCrazy Chains Multipack (Volca)


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myVolts Crazy Chains Multipack

Lose the messy and bulky power setup with the myVolts Crazy Chains Multipack, a package of chainable power connectors made for Korg's Volca series. Featuring five chains, each one includes a male to female connection for passing power while a 1.7mm/4.7mm male jack splits to power any Volca device or similarly accepting barrel type. Made to pass center-positive power, the fifth chain cable introduces a polarity reversal plug for passing center-negative power to an additional guitar pedal, great for adding effects processing to your setup. Easily connect to any 2.1mm/5.5mm power supply or even a myVolts Ripcord USB and a power brick to make for clean and simple mobile setups. With a fashionable yet sturdy and functional braided cable design, the Crazy Chains Multipack for Korg Volcas by myVolts keeps your power distribution spiffy and organized.

Crazy Chains Multipack Features

  • Chainable power connectors
  • Fit for the Korg Volca series and any similar barrel type
  • Includes four with a male to male+female design (Crazy Chain VAR1) and one male+female to male polarity reverse (Crazy Chain VAR2)
  • Designed for powering KORG Volcas
  • Connector sizes: 1.7mm inner/4.7mm outer, 2.1mm inner/5.5mm outer
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