Mystic CircuitsIDUM Gate Processor


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Mystic Circuits IDUM

Effortlessly create complex electronic music with the latest offering from Mystic Circuits, the IDUM. The core function of this module is to augment triggers in one of eight different ways—access these modes with the large central dial and adjust their behavior with two sliders, Chance and Length, as well as a smaller Param control knob. A built in Looper locks in the eight most recent triggers along with their modifications.

The front panel has a clock input/output and four trigger inputs/outputs. With the Chance slider all the way down, IDUM essentially passes voltage through; as you push the slider up you slowly start to increase the chance that the selected mode will affect the incoming signals. Using the Length and Param knob you can radically change how the selected mode will behave. Additionally, five CV inputs for modulating the Chance, Mode, Param, Length and Loop are present for truly dosed patches.

Hold alters the length of incoming triggers. Burst generates a ratcheting effect synced to the clock. Multiply/Divide is similar to Burst, but slows down/speeds up the clock. Ball creates a bouncing ball effect. Rotate will scramble up the input and output destinations. Delay postpones incoming gates by a dynamic amount of time based on the trigger inputs. Break will turn any incoming trigger into a breakbeat. Skip manipulates the clock speed to either multiple or jump ahead multiple steps.

The IDUM from Mystic Circuits is an essential part of any rack that wants to push the limits of rhythmic music or to just add a little bit of extra spice to a sequence.

IDUM Features

  • 4 Channel trigger manipulation
  • 8 Modes: Hold, Burst, Mult/Div, Ball, Rotate, Delay, Break, and Skip
  • 3 Controls for adjusting mode behavior
  • Loop function for locking the previous 8 steps with modulation
  • 5 Modulation inputs for all parameters
  • Open source code built on Arduino Nano for customization
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 10hp
  • Depth: 29mm
  • Current draw: 50 mA @ +/-12v
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Mystic Circuits IDUM Gate Processor Reviews