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Mystic Circuits Ana 2

Ana 2 from Mystic Circuits is an excitingly expanded update to their original analog logic utility, adding new ways to morph and mangle CV and audio. Capable of generating nine correlated voltages from even a single input source, Ana excels in many applications including wavefolding, mixing, voltage sampling, ring modulating, rhythmic gate extraction, and so much more. Useful in virtually any patch and for nearly every system, Ana 2 is ready to inspire creative control and modulation every time you patch.

Ana 2 features dual input channels, each with three separate inputs for in, multiply, and sum. Each channel also features a control knob, the function of which depends on how inputs are patched. The main input is sent to an attenuverter, which using the control knob will adjust and invert the input signal when no other inputs are patched. Multiply inputs act like a bipolar VCA, controlling the level of attenuversion. Sum inputs add to the attenuverted signal before reaching the logic section, acting as a simple offset generator with nothing else patched.

The nine outputs of Ana cover all sorts of functions, with vast and varied applications. Min and Max output the lowest and highest voltage between the two input channels. Mix provides a simple summed mix of both channels. XOR provides classic exclusive-or-gate logic for CV and gate signals, and for audio a unique through-zero VCA that distorts as it closes. Cut provides strange and useful wavefolding for audio and CV. Mag outputs the difference between both channels, and is always positive. Step works as a simple track and hold, with clock and sample inputs derived from input channels. Swap dynamically switches output between channel 1, 2, or nothing. Finally, Box is a bipolar comparator, allowing you to get creative with bipolar pulse width modulation.

Whether you're diving deep into analog logic or using Ana 2 to simply and quickly generate a bunch of related voltages to send around your system, Mystic Circuits has provided a powerhouse utility that helps you make the most of your other modules. If you're lacking utilities, or just want an inspiring tool to shake up your hard-worn patching routine, Ana 2 is a logical choice.

Ana 2 Features

  • Analog Boolean Logic Processor
  • 2 input channels each with main, multiply, and sum inputs
  • Control knob for each channel with flexible operation depending on input patching
  • Nine outputs provide classic and bespoke logic operations: Min, Max, Mix, XOR, Cut, Mag, Step, Swap, and Box
  • Useful for manipulating both CV and audio
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 6hp
  • Depth: 32mm
  • Current draw: 101mA @ +12V, 104mA @ -12V
Mystic Circuits Ana 2 Analog Logic Reviews