Mystic Circuits3DVCA VCA + Mixer + Panner


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Mystic Circuits 3DVCA

Mystic Circuits brings us one of the most unique, fun, and useful VCAs we've seen with the 3DVCA, a VCA that reimagines your signal in a 3D space, letting you position sound in different quadrants. You can think of the four main inputs as being in the corners of a room, with X controlling top and bottom, and Y controlling left and right position. This is displayed on the handy illuminated panel, letting you know which signals are active. The Z control lets you adjust the overall volume of the VCAs.

Four outputs are related to the corresponding inputs, and can be used simultaneously, or one at a time, or in stereo: the options are limitless. Daisy-chain multiple together using the Sum inputs that feed into the four channels, or use these as ways to bring in external audio.

You can use 3DVCA as a quad monophonic crossfader, a dual stereo crossfader, a stereo balancer, stereo VCA, a stereo panner, a unity mixer, a quadraphonic panner—if it involves continuously mixing, distributing, or varying the amplitude of signals, odds are that 3DVCA can do it. So whether you're working in mono, stereo, or quad, the Mystic Circuits 3DVCA is a fantastic utility that opens up new realms of creativity.

3DVCA Features

  • 4-Channel VCA
  • Main inputs and outputs organized in directional pattern, perfect for Quad
  • Active inputs show up on illuminated sphere
  • X and Y controls for top/bottom pair and left/right pair
  • Z Control adjusts level for all 4 inputs
  • Sum inputs add external audio to the 4 input channels, unaffected by the X, Y and Z parameters
  • Easily chain multiple together
  • Compact
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 6hp
  • Depth: 30mm
  • Current draw: 45mA @ +12v, 45mA @ -12v
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Product Demo Videos
3DVCA Video Manual
This is a more detailed look at 3DVCA, it's various intricacies and a number of example patches.
Mystic Circuits 3DVCA Advertisement
3DVCA is a versatile quad VCA in 6HP. It accomplishes a variety of mixing, panning and crossfading functionality in mono, stereo or quad. The module can daisy chain to integrate with your other mixers or to be the only module you need to create your entire mix.
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