Mystic Circuits0HP OR Gate


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Mystic Circuits 0HP OR Gate

The 0HP OR Gate from Mystic Circuits is a two-input OR logic module, great for combining multiple gates or CV signals to create an altogether new result. The primary output follows the two inputs, outputting a high signal when either or both of the input signals are active. Use this to combine two different gate sequences, such as a steady 4/4 beat with a burst generator for complex drum rolls. The module also processes CV signals, outputting the highest input voltage above 0V. A trigger converter outputs a short pulse whenever the primary output transitions from low to high. Add a multi-use logic function to your system with the 0HP OR Gate from Mystic Circuits.

0HP OR Gate Features

  • OR logic gate
  • Combines two input signals
  • For use with gates or CV
  • Output will remain high as long as one of the inputs is active
  • With CV the module outputs the highest input voltage
  • Trigger output
  • Passive requires no power
  • N/A
  • Passive
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