Mystic Circuits0HP Filter


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Mystic Circuits 0HP Filter

The Mystic Circuits 0HP Filter is like no filter you've ever seen before. It's passive and takes up no rack space while still delivering full sound and modulation options. The design brings together Mystic Circuits' 0HP AND and 0HP Vactrol Low Pass Gate but allows for modulation of the filter cutoff and timbre circuit up to audio rate. The timbre clipping input adds waveshaping and character that approximates resonance in a traditional filter. While it may look small, this filter packs in a big sound in a package that conveniently sits outside of your Eurorack or semi-modular device.

0HP Filter Features

  • Audio filter
  • CV over cutoff frequency and clipping
  • Accepts modulation up to audio rate
  • Clipping adds harmonic distortion and approximates resonance
  • Passive design
  • N/A
  • Passive
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