Mystic Circuits0HP EYEtenuator


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Mystic Circuits 0HP EYEtenuator

Integrate light into your Eurorack or semi-modular device using the EYEtenuator from Mystic Circuits. It features two identical channels, each with a photoresistor that determines signal strength based on the amount of light they receive. Normalization between the channels means you can send one input signal to two outputs or mix two input signals together to a single output. Use any modular signal from LFOs to sequences to gates and even audio sources to get dynamic signal variation from the amount of light in the room.

0HP EYEtenuator Features

  • Two-channel photoresistor attenuator
  • Changes signal strength based on the amount of light the photosensors receive
  • Normalization between inputs and outputs allow for signal multiplication and signal mixing
  • Great for semi-modular or Eurorack synthesizers
  • N/A
  • Passive
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