Mystic Circuits0HP Envelope Generator


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Mystic Circuits 0HP Envelope

The 0HP Envelope from Mystic Circuits does much more than its name, providing envelope generation, envelope following, and adding glide to sequences. It features an envelope and CV input with an envelope output and a multiple of the signal input. CV signals decrease the envelope time, and the envelope is at its longest length with no external CV. When using with a gate signal, it acts as a sustain-release envelope, staying high as long as the input gate does and then falling back to zero. Patch in audio to extract an envelope based on the amplitude of the input signal or input CV sequences to add decay-only glide. Use the signal multiple to send the input signal to another 0HP envelope or any module in your system. This useful little utility device fits into a multitude of use settings, add slewing, envelope generation, and envelope following without using any rack space.

0HP Envelope Features

  • Multi-use envelope
  • Sustain-release envelope when used with a gate signal
  • Envelope follower when used with audio
  • Add negative-only slew to CV sequences
  • CV control over envelope time
  • Mult output duplicates the input signal to send to other destinations
  • For Eurorack or semi-modular devices
  • N/A
  • Passive
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