Mystic Circuits0HP Butt0n Signal Router


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Mystic Circuits 0HP Butt0n

The Mystic Circuits 0HP Butt0n provides simple button-operating passive switching to your setup—great for latching or momentary signal routing. A simple, affordable tool for signal routing, it can be used to select between two input signals, between two output destinations, or simply to activate/deactivate connected signals...all depending on how it's patched, and which buttons you press! If you need a simple, reliable way to control basic signal routing in your modular setup or your harsh noise table rig, 0HP's Butt0n is just the thing for you.

0HP Butt0n Features

  • Passive signal routing tool
  • Ideal for use with Eurorack modular synthesizers, semi-modular synths, or depraved table-top/floor-full-of-random-gear noise rigs
  • Can act as signal selector or router
  • Can act as crude signal mixer
  • Can act as crude signal panner
  • Passive design
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Product Demo Videos
0HP Butt0n commercial
The 0HP Butt0n from Mystic Circuits is a deceptively useful yet simple entry into the 0HP modular line. Two buttons that work in tandem to create a variety of switching behaviors. Use either the latching or momentary button to activate or deactivate two connected signals. Some clever routing also allows the latching button to change the momentary button from normally open to normally closed. Similar signal paths to our 0ttenuator module allow both channels to be used separately, two signals to be mixed together or one signal to be sent to two destinations.
Mystic Circuits 0HP Butt0n Signal Router Reviews