Mystic Circuits0HP Blinkus Ring Modulator / LED Cluster


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Mystic Circuits 0HP Blinkus

Comprised of a cluster of LEDs, the Mystic Circuits 0HP Blinkus is one of their more peculiar 0HP offerings: but it's more powerful than it might initially seem. Acting somewhat like a ring modulator, Blinkus's four jacks can all act as input or output—allowing a variety of ways for signals to interact, clamp one another, and more. You can derive multiple outputs from a single input, two outputs from two inputs, or a single output from three inputs—giving you weird, wobbly, generally screwed-up combinations of whatever signals went in. Use it as a depraved distortion, or as a way of mangling CV signals...or heck, just plug some stuff in to see the LEDs go wild. A delightfully weird and entertaining tool for any adventurous noisemaker, Blinkus is one of the most unique entries in Mystic's 0HP lineup.

0HP Blinkus Features

  • It's a bird—it's a plane—it's a weird ol' cluster of LEDs
  • Bizarre signal mangler and audio strangler
  • Cluster of LEDs arranged in ring modulator-like configuration
  • Four jacks can each act as inputs or as outputs
  • Outputs derived from clamped inter-relations between connected inputs
  • Any input can be transformed into any number of outputs
  • Can be used to manipulate audio or CV signals
  • Warning! Cannot be trusted to do normal-sounding things—use either with caution or unbridled recklessness
  • Passive design
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Product Demo Videos
0HP Blinkus Infomercial
The Blinkus is a cluster of LEDs that behaves kind of like a ring modulator. Every input is also an output and all inputs clamp each other to create weird wobbly cross-breeds of each other at the outputs. Oh yeah, and it blinks.
Mystic Circuits 0HP Blinkus Ring Modulator / LED Cluster Reviews