Mystic Circuits0HP AND Gate


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Mystic Circuits 0HP AND Gate

The Mystic Circuits 0HP AND Gate is a passive logic device that functions as an AND logic gate and a VCA capable of modulation up to audio rate. AND logic is active when both of the inputs are active and inactive if only one or neither is active. This is a great way to combine streams of gate signals to create more complex rhythms. It also functions as a VCA, only allowing the input signal to pass to the output with a second high input. It accepts modulation up into the audio rate, allowing for pseudo-ring modulation effects. A dedicated trigger converter sends a trigger signal whenever the primary output transitions from low to high. The 0HP AND adds logic and another VCA to your setup without taking up any space or power.

0HP AND Gate Features

  • AND logic
  • Functions as logic gate and VCA
  • Accepts signals into audio rate
  • Dedicated trigger output for low to high transitions
  • Uses high-speed optocoupler
  • Passive and out of the rack
  • N/A
  • Passive
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