MXRM282 Dyna Comp Bass Compressor Pedal


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MXR M282 Dyna Comp Bass

Designed for bass players, the M282 Dyna Comp Bass by MXR is a fantastic take on their beloved compressor pedal with unique new features. Based on the classic CA3080 IC, the M282 compresses your bass with no coloration for a clean and sustained tone throughout your pedalboard. Capable of handling a large dynamic range, the M282 features the familiar Sensitivity control for determining the amount of compression applied. New to this version of the Dyna Comp is both the Clean control that reintroduces the dry signal, as well as the Tone control that emphasizes the mid-range for tonal clarity and dynamic retention. The Attack switch allows you to pick between a classic slow attack or a more modern fast attack, providing you the versatility to switch between different play styles and timbral choices for your transients. MXR's M282 Dyna Comp Bass is an excellent choice for bass players looking to bring their entire sound forward.

M282 Dyna Comp Bass Features

  • Bass guitar compressor pedal
  • Built around the classic Dyna Comp sound of a CA3080 IC
  • Transparent with a large dynamic range
  • Sensitivity sets your length of sustain and Output controls final level
  • Attack button switches between a slow and fast attack
  • The added Clean control brings back your original signal while the Tone control adjusts the midrange for retaining tonal dynamics
  • Dimensions: 2.1" x 1.5" x 3.5"
  • Power Specs: 9V DC (PSU not included)
MXR M282 Dyna Comp Bass Compressor Pedal Reviews