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Mutable InstrumentsRipples V2 Liquid Filter

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Mutable Instruments Ripples V2

Ripples from Mutable Instruments is an analog multi-mode filter that sounds huge and features two cutoff slopes. Ripples offers two inputs, one transparent and clean, and one with a drive control that can saturate and distort incoming signals. It even adds enough gain to bring line-level signals into your modular. Ripples includes a high pass, low pass, and band pass filter outputs. The band pass and low pass outputs are switchable between two and four-pole operation, giving two flavors of cutoff slope. The resonance setting sets the slope of the high pass filter.

Ripples can self-oscillate at higher resonance settings, and tracks 1v/oct over four octaves. Increasing resonance doesn't cause the output volume to drop like many analog filters. This resonance compensation is similar to many of the Japanese filters from the 1980's. This gives a round, squelchy sound, with almost liquid-like characteristics. The low pass filter output passes through a final output VCA. This way Ripples can act as the final output stage for a traditional subtractive East-coast voice. Ripples is a no nonsense filter, direct and to the point. It sounds fantastic and can be used in just about any patch you might come up with.

Ripples V2 Features

  • Analog multi-mode filter
  • Inspired by Japanese filters from the '80s
  • Low pass, band pass, and high pass outputs
  • Switchable two or four pole slope for low pass and band pass filters
  • Final output VCA after low pass filter, great for subtractive voices
  • Resonance self oscillates for use as a sine wave oscillator
  • CV over filter frequency and resonance
  • 1V/oct input that tracks over four octaves
  • Input gain lets you distort incoming audio or bring line level signals up to modular levels
  • Resonance amplitude compensation, no drops in the audio level with increased resonance
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 8hp
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Current draw: 35mA @ +12V, 35mA @ -12V
Mutable Instruments Ripples V2 Liquid Filter Reviews