Mutable InstrumentsYarns MIDI Interface


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Mutable Instruments Yarns

Yarns, from Mutable Instruments, is an intuitive MIDI to CV interface with many tricks up its threaded sleeve. It provides 4 channels of MIDI to CV conversion, and includes a built in arpeggiator, Euclidean sequencer, and a SH-101 style sequencer.�

Yarns has 4 CV outputs and 4 Gate outputs, and can be used in any configuration. In Mono, Dual and Quad modes, the outputs adapt to provide as many useful outputs as possible. In Mono mode, there is CV for note, velocity, modulation, and aftertouch, with a gate, trigger, and a clock/reset output. In Dual voice mode, there is Note and either modulation or aftertouch CV for both channels, with Gate outputs and clock/reset outputs. In Quad mode, there are four Note CV outputs and four Gate outputs.�

Yarns can be configured in both "Polyphonic" mode and "Multitimbral" mode. In Polyphonic mode, the voices are distributed homogenously, to provide a uniform chordal quality. In Multitimbral mode, it acts as four independent mono synths being controlled by a single MIDI keyboard. Note-priorities and polyphonic allocations can all be adjusted to suit one's needs. Built in are digital modulation LFOs that will interpret modulation messages as volume controls, saving all one's LFOs for other uses. Classic features like portamento and pitch bend are included.�

Each channel can produce sequences with either the Euclidean arpeggiator or the SH-101 style sequencer, providing up to four channels of sequences. Yarns can either be synchronized to an external MIDI clock, or generate Clock/Reset outputs at any subdivisions of the MIDI Clock.�

Special features include support of Microtunings such as just intonation or other numbered equal temperament. It is also possible to change one, two or four of the CV outputs into simple digital oscillators.�

Yarns Features

Conversion modes

  • Monophonic with note, velocity, modulation wheel, auxiliary CC/aftertouch CV.
  • 2-voice polyphonic or 2-part multitimbral with two note CV and auxiliary CC/aftertouch CV.
  • 4-voice polyphonic or 4-part multitimbral with four note CV.
  • 4-part trigger conversion with MIDI note selection for each part.
  • Clock/reset output in monophonic, duophonic, or trigger conversion modes.
  • Polychaining mode handling half of the notes internally and forwarding the other half to the MIDI out.
  • MIDI processing


  • Split/keyboard ranges.
  • Multiple voice allocation schemes in polyphonic mode (voice-stealing, random, cyclic).
  • Multiple note priority modes in monophonic mode (lowest, highest, latest).
  • Arpeggiator with up/down/up&down/random/chord/”as played” modes and 22 preset patterns.
  • 64-note SH-101 style sequencer per part.
  • Euclidean pattern generator.


  • 1 V/oct and 5V Gate/Trigger standard.
  • Micro-tunings (through MIDI tuning messages).
  • Just intonation.
  • Portamento, pitch-bend and modulation wheel (vibrato).
  • Audio output mode replacing the note CV by a digital oscillator offering sine, square, pulse, triangle and sawtooth waveforms.

Technical characteristics

  • 8kHz CV refresh rate, 48kHz refresh rate in audio mode.
  • High-end 16-bit DAC and voltage references.
  • 12-point calibration table, adjusted in factory.
  • 8 memory slots for storing/recalling all settings and sequences.
  • Cortex-M3 ARM processor guaranteeing blazingly fast response to MIDI messages, even with a full stack of arpeggiators and sequencers running.
  • Open-source hardware and firmware.
  • Easy firmware updates through MIDI (SysEx).
  • Eurorack Modules
  • 12HP Width
  • +12v: 60mA Current Draw
  • -12v: 2mA Current Draw
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