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Mutable Instruments Streams

Streams is a multi-purpose dual dynamics module featuring an analogue VCFA, each with manual and CV control and continuously variable exponential to linear curve response. The module also features a flexible Excite input governed by a DSP algorithm, rendering it capable of several versatile modes of operation:

AD envelope generator, vactoral curve emulator (complete with an alternative mode that allows one to ping the vactoral via the Excite input), harmonic and amplitude follower, and as a compressor/limiter.

Additionally, Streams is DC coupled and works exceptionally well when processing CV.

Streams Features

Digital control modes

  • AD or AR envelope generator.
  • Vactrol response generator – gated or pinged/struck.
  • Amplitude and cutoff follower.
  • Compressor.

I/O (per channel)

  • Multi-purpose EXCITE input.
  • DC-coupled Audio/CV input (normalized to +5V constant voltage).
  • VCA gain CV (normalized to +8V constant voltage).
  • Output.

Controls (per channel)

  • Digital control mode selection.
  • Response time / compression threshold.
  • Modulation amount / compression ratio and makeup gain.
  • VCA gain CV input attenuator.
  • VCA exponential to linear response curve.
  • Analog signal path.
  • All inputs DC-coupled.
  • 12-bit, 31kHz EXCITE signal acquisition (for metering and following).
  • 16-bit, 31kHz control voltage generation.
  • Cortex-M3 ARM processor.
  • Open-source hardware and firmware.
  • 12-HP.
  • Easy firmware updates through an audio interface.
  • Current consumption: +12V: 100mA ; -12V: 30mA.
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