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Mutable Instruments Rings Resonator

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Mutable Instruments Rings

Rings, from Mutable Instruments, is compact Modal Synthesis alternative to their monstrous Elements module, providing just the resonator section without the noise generator. It provides three different resonator algorithms, the Modal resonator (from Elements), a Sympathetic Strings mode (that uses a collection of Comb Filters), and a String with non-linearity/dispersion. The controls on Rings are similar to Elements, but have been slightly reorganized. Structure decides the resonating characteristic, with Frequency controlling the main resonance. Brightness is a filter for removing high harmonics, and Damping decides the ""amount"" of resonance.

Any signal can be fed into the resonator, including envelope clicks, trigger signals, noise bursts, even tonal sounds. It also contains a special ""polyphonic mode"", where four notes can ring together at the same time. Although it is not truly polyphonic, it adds density and chordal characters to the sounds output. For those wanting the functions of Elements without the losing HP real-estate, Rings is exactly the solution.

Rings Features

  • Three Resonator Models!
  • Modal Resonator (as used in Elements)
  • Sympathetic Strings (Stack of Comb Filters)
  • String with non-linearity/dispersion (comb filter with multimode filter and non-linearities in the loop)
  • Pseudo-polyphony of up to 4 notes. Each new note is played on its own virtual string, while the previously played note(s) still decay.
  • Main frequency quantized in semitones
  • Structure Control changes the response of the resonator
  • Brightness Control specifies the brightness and richness of the spectrum
  • Damping controls the damping rate of the sound, from 100ms to 10s
  • Position specifies at which point the structure is excited
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  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 14HP
  • Depth: ~1""
  • Current Draw: 110mA@+12V, 5mA@-12V
Product Demo Videos
Mutable Instruments Rings Hidden Modes
In this video we explore some of the hidden modes on the Mutable Instruments Rings.
Mutable Instruments Rings demo
Short jam with the Mutable Instruments Rings.
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