Mutable InstrumentsPlaits Macro-Oscillator


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Mutable Instruments Plaits

Mutable Instruments Plaits is a multi-algorithm macro oscillator that provides everything from FM to speech synthesis, analog percussion emulation, wavetables, modal synthesis, granular synthesis...whoa, this module does basically everything. Expanding on Braids's strong points and eliminating its pitfalls, Émilie Gillet's Plaits is a perfect bonding of tremendous flexibility and an intuitive user interface.

Built from the ground up and sharing no code or hardware with Braids, Plaits borrows concepts from its predecessor while operating at considerably higher audio resolution and with a refined means of user interaction. For one, it dispenses with that pesky screen to offer even more tactility and immediacy. Additionally, Plaits features a dedicated CV input for the model parameter, easy access to the module’s internal envelopes for modulation of vital parameters, and an integrated lowpass gate with definable filtering intensity and virtual vactrol response time.

Offering a broad survey of synthesis techniques, Plaits promises a vast sonic palette that could find a home in any modular synthesizer setup. Ideal for beginners and modular synth gurus alike, Plaits is an obvious choice for anyone who wants a lot of functionality in a small space and with a modest price tag.

Plaits Features

8 Pitched Synthesis Models

  • Two virtual analog models for continuously-variable waveforms
  • Triangle-core oscillator with variable slope routed through a waveshaper and wavefolder
  • FM with variable feedback path
  • 2 separate formants and a variable shape window modulator for VOSIM style filter sweeps
  • Additive oscillator (24-harmonic)
  • Wavetable oscillator (8x8 waves arranged across 4 banks)
  • Chord generator (wavetables or string/organ emulation)
  • Speech algorithms (formant, SAM, LPC), with banks of phonemes

8 Noise and Percussion Synthesis Models

  • Granular sawtooth or sine oscillator (each with variable gain density and frequency randomization)
  • Clocked noise routed through a resonant filter
  • 8 layer dust/particle noise routed through either resonant or all-pass filters
  • Karplus-Strong ("Red Mode" in Rings) with either white noise or dust excitation
  • Modal resonator ("Green Mode" in Rings) with mallet or dust excitation
  • Analog kick emulator
  • Analog snare emulator
  • Analog hi-hat emulator

I/O and Control

  • 2 selection buttons with tactile LED visual display
  • Primary frequency controls (8 octave range)
  • Harmonics timbre and morph timbre dimensions
  • Attenuverters for frequency, morph, amd timbre CV inputs
  • Primary 1V/Oct input with -3V to +7V input range
  • Trigger input for internal decay envelope or drum exciter
  • Level CV input for internal LPG or accent control for drum models
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 12HP
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Cortex-M4 ARM processor
  • CV inputs: 100k input impedance, 4kHz, 16-bit.
  • Audio outputs: 48kHz, 16-bit, DC-coupled
  • Current Draw: 50mA@+12V; 5mA@-12V
Product Demo Videos
Mutable Instruments Plaits Macro-Oscillator Sounds
The Mutable Instruments Plaits is the new Macro-Oscillator that features 16 sound producing algorithms that each have two simultaneous outputs. The Plaits takes all of the good parts of the Braids and looses some of the bad parts while adding a few new things and upgrading the sound quality. The Plaits is an oscillator, but also has a built in lowpass gate, so it can be used as a full synthesizer voice.
54HP Episode 7: Touch Synth
After a short break 54HP is back with a touch controlled synth voice on episode 7. The only sound generator is a Mutable Instruments Plaits run through a 2HP Verb. The other three modules in the case focus on touch controls. The Intellijel Tetrapad in fader mode has four faders which each output both fader position and pressure. The Trogotronic M11 is a simple touch button but it has a great tactile feel can can also be used as a VCA or CV processor. The Sound Machines LP1 Lightplane not only has outputs for X & Y positions and pressure, but has a built in recorder feature so you can loop your touch control gestures. This system shows how playable a eurorack system can be without using any sequencers or non human controlled modulation sources.
Mutable Instruments Plaits Macro-Oscillator Reviews