Mutable InstrumentsFrames Multi Function Keyframer


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Mutable Instruments Frames

Frames, from Mutable Instruments, is an esoteric mixer, distributor, and VCA bank. It is inspired by keyframers in film editing. In Frames, there are four VCAs that can have their settings "saved" into a keyframe. Up to 64 frames can be saved, with the main keyframing knob scanning from frame to frame. The type of interpolation used can be decided per VCA channel, which can move from smooth fades to quick jumps. If no signals are plugged into the inputs, then the four VCA outputs become modulation outputs, almost like waveshaped LFOs, if the Keyscanner is modulated with an LFO. If the Add button is pressed 5 times, Frames enters Sequencer mode. This mode adjusts the way the Frame CV input works, which now only accepts Gates or Triggers, rather than analog CV. This now steps through each frame when receiving a Gate, with the sequencer length decided by the number of Frames. With alternative firmware, Frames can also become a quadrature LFO, and a Euclidean Trigger sequencer. In order to provide focus on the main picture, one will need Frames. 

Frames Features

  • 4x DC-coupled signal inputs
  • 4x Attenuated signal outputs
  • Global signal input normalled to all inputs
  • Mix output
  • Frame control CV input
  • Frame change trigger output
  • 4x Channel level control with LEDs for visualizing levels
  • Frame control with RGB LED backlight
  • Frame CV Attenuverter
  • Keyframe creation/suppression buttons
  • Eurorack Module
  • 18HP Width
  • 20mm Depth
  • +12v: 90mA Current Draw
  • -12v: 30mA Current Draw
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