EMWMulti Wave Digital Oscillator (BLACK)


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EMW Multi Wave

EMW’s Multi Wave Digital Oscillator is a powerful oscillator under MIDI control. The module’s primary oscillator boasts a total of 40 waveforms, while it’s sub-oscillator section features eight. There’s also CV over the most crucial parameters. In addition to wavetable modulation, users can scan through the waves to achieve various results like FM, formant shifting, wave distortion, windowed sync, and much more.

This is the BLACK version of the Multi Wave.

Multi Wave Features

  • Primary oscillator features 40 waveforms
  • Sub-oscillator features 8 waveforms
  • CV control over key parameters
  • Black finish
  • Eurorack Module
  • Current Draw: 118 mA@+12V; 10 mA@-12V
  • Depth: 50mm
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