Mu-TronBi-Phase II Dual Phase Shifter Pedal


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Mu-Tron Bi-Phase II

Packing two flexible optical phasers into one package, Mutron's Bi-Phase brings classic yet clean phase-shifting to your pedalboard. Expanding upon the original Bi-Phase from back in the 70s, the Bi-Phase II incorporates OptoMod Phase-Light technology that produces smooth and malleable phase shifters with a multitude of routing options. Each phaser, A and B, can be run independently with individual controls over all necessary parameters, but work brilliantly when paired in series, parallel, or even true stereo!

Each phaser can be set to 4 or 6-stage, in which the 4-stage offers a fixed-feedback, classic sonic profile for getting warbly rock tones while the 6-stage can produce a variety of ranges with flexible feedback found in the original Bi-Phase. Modulate each phaser via the Depth and Rate controls—the shape of modulation is determined via the Shape switch, be it sine or square wave. These Sweep Generators can not only act independently, but also modulated externally via an expression pedal or control voltage from the CV input. This CV signal can be daisy chained to other CV-accepting pedals via the CV out.

What makes Bi-Phase II interesting is the routing options in the middle of the pedal. The Phasor B Sweep switch allows you to select from a multitude of sweep generator options to effect phaser B, including generator 1, 1 reversed, and 2—amazing for achieving synced, inverse, or independent modulation across the two. Additionally, you can decide what phasor B processes for a variety of phasing options, whether it listens to its own input, input A, or the output of phasor A. Bring the wide warbly range of dual phase-shifting to your pedal board with Mu-Tron's Bi-Phase II.

Bi-Phase II Features

  • Dual optical phase-shifter pedal
  • Two identical phasers with multiple controls
  • Routing options as well as sweep generation choice for phaser B
  • Depth, rate, and feedback controls
  • Modulation shapes include sine and square
  • Can be 4 or 6-stage
  • CV input over depth, rate, or none, and CV out to daisy chain to other pedals
  • Each phaser has an independent mono input and output
  • Dimensions: 4.75″ x 2.5″ x 7.25″
  • Power Specs: 9-12VDC Center Negative (PSU not included)
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Mu-Tron Bi-Phase II Dual Phase Shifter Pedal Reviews