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MoogVocoder 16-Channel Analog Vocoder


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Moog Vocoder

The classic sound of the Moog Vocoder is back and updated for the 2020s, still analog and still sounding as great as ever. Used by artists such as Wendy Carlos, Devo, and filmmaker and composer John Carpenter, it spectrally analyzes the harmonic content of the program signal and transfers those characteristics onto the carrier signal—great for thick robotic vocals and countless other types of spectral transformations

The sound is broken down into 16 filter bands that range in frequency from 50Hz to 5080Hz. Each filter band has CV input as well as CV output, allowing for full connectivity with a larger modular environment (as well as complex spectral control within the Vocoder itself). It has sample and hold capabilities as well as a short response time for capturing fast, percussive sounds. Get a piece of history in your studio with this timeless effect that transforms and mutates audio into unexpected new forms.

Vocoder Features

  • 16-band analog vocoder
  • CV in and out per band
  • Sample and Hold
  • Hizz & buzz controls
  • Footswitches for sample and hold, patch select, and bypass
  • Carrier and program inputs with level controls
  • Can be desktop or rack mounted
  • 12V DC @ 3A
  • 23 x 19 x 14"/584 x 482 x 355mm
  • 23lbs/10.4kg
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Product Demo Videos
Moog 16 Channel Analog Vocoder (With More Than Just Vocals)
Moog has resumed production of their classic 16-Channel Vocoder—an effect heard on countless records from Giorgio Moroder to Wendy Carlos and Moog Cookbook. While vocoders are often considered synonymous with robotic vocals, there's much more to this incredible processor than just that.

Vocoders can be used to combine the spectral content of any two sounds, analyzing the frequency content of one sound and impressing it upon another—in this case, by employing sixteen channels of Moog filters and envelope followers. In this video, we used the Vocoder to impress the spectral profile of a Moog DFAM on a Moog Mother-32, to create spectrally gated vocals using the Division Department 01/IV, and to do some classic synth vocals with the Elektron Digitone.

A world-class way to do complex filtering, dynamic gating effects, synth voice, or even general-purpose envelope following, the Moog 16-Channel Vocoder is no doubt one of the best-sounding vocoders ever made.
Moog Vocoder 16-Channel Analog Vocoder Reviews