MoogGrandmother Dark Semi-Modular Analog Keyboard Synthesizer


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Moog Grandmother Dark

Moog’s Grandmother just got a facelift! The Grandmother Dark sports a sultry jet black design that harkens back to the classic modular synths its foundation is built upon. Just like the classic Moog modular synthesizers of the '60s and '70s, the Grandmother provides over 40 patchable inputs and outputs for you to take control of the signal flow and unleash limitless sonic possibilities.

The Grandmother is able to make itself at home in nearly any environment and with players of all skill levels by providing an extensive palette of sonic tools that are excellent for performance, experimentation, and learning. Nearly every function is CV controllable, however patching isn’t necessary to access the wide array of sound possibilities available—the Grandmother is semi-modular, so all controls are normalled by default (internally wired). Included in the Grandmother’s architecture are powerful modulation sources—LFO’s, envelope generators and attenuators—as well as classic Moog-style oscillators, and the famous Moog ladder filter. By using these tools in tandem with the onboard sequencer, arpeggiator and 32 key velocity sensitive keyboard, anyone is capable of creating earth shaking analog basslines, expressive leads, or entirely new experimental sounds.

But what’s a day at grandma’s house without some friends? The Grandmother is a perfect complement to existing systems; her modules easily expanding the functionality of other Eurorack or Moog synthesizers like the Mother-32, DFAM, and Subharmonicon. Grandmother can even be used as an audio processing tool by utilizing the 24db ladder filter and real spring reverb—just patch in with external gear and lend the classic Moog sound to any instrument in your studio!

Grandmother Dark Features

  • Fully analog semi-modular synthesizer
  • Patchable design allows for expanded possibilities and experimentation
  • 4-pole 10Hz–20kHz Moog Ladder Filter
  • 1-pole patchable high-pass filter
  • Dual Moog oscillators with selectable wave shape and hard-sync
  • Sequencer with memory recall
  • Arpeggiator with forward, backward, and random note direction
  • Available custom SR Series Case for protecting your Grandmother
  • 32 note velocity sensitive Fatar keybed
  • DIN MIDI in/out/thru & USB MIDI
  • Voicing: Monophonic
  • CV I/O: 41 patch points
  • I/O: 1/4” Main/Headphone output, 1/4” instrument input, 1/8” Eurorack output, 1/8” direct reverb output
  • Dimensions: 5.5” x 23” x 14.25”
  • Weight: 16 lbs
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Moog Grandmother Semi-Modular Keyboard Synth
The Moog Grandmother is an analog semi-modular keyboard synthesizer with circuitry inspired by the Moog Modular. It has an arpeggiator and sequencer, two VCOs, an LFO that can be used as a third oscillator, a low-pass ladder filter as well as a simple high-pass filter and a spring reverb. The Grandmother can be played as a regular synth voice without patching anything, but you can experiment with other routing options by using patch cables.
Moog Grandmother Dark Semi-Modular Analog Keyboard Synthesizer Reviews