Moog953 Duophonic 61 Note Keyboard (Black)


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Moog 953 Duophonic 61 Note Keyboard

Designed as the perfect companion for the Model 10, IIIC, System 35, or other classic modular synthesizers, Moog's 953 Duophonic Keyboard is an elegant controller built for seamless integration with your system. Available in either a sleek black or beautiful walnut cabinet, the 953 offers 61 keys for composing and performing musical lines, as well as a handful of controls on the left for the dual CV outputs. It's possible to define different tracking Scales, as well as apply transposition with the Range controls. Portamento applies gradual transitions between played notes, which may be enabled and configured via the Glide rocker switches. Round out your Moog modular collection with the 953 Duophonic Keyboard.

953 Duophonic 61 Note Keyboard Features

  • Keyboard controller for Moog modular synthesizer systems
  • Duophonic: generates two channels of gate and CV signals
  • 61 keys
  • Independent Scale, Range, and Portamento controls for each channel
  • Switches for Glide 1 & 2 Enable, Glide Type, and Glide Gate
  • Compatible with Model 10, Model 15, System 35, System 55, Synthesizer IIIC, and Synthesizer IIIP
  • Single cable output to connect to synthesizer
  • Powered by connected modular system
  • Dimensions: 43.25" x 9.12" x 3.5"
  • Weight: 17 lbs.
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