MoffenzeefKnucklebuster Noise Synthesizer


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Moffenzeef Knucklebuster

Embrace the crispy and crunchy sounds of distorted noise with Moffenzeef's latest sonic horror device: Kuncklebuster, a gritty noise synth with resonant filters and distortion. At its core, Knucklebuster offers four different types of noise, with a crossfade Color control to blend between them: white noise, random squares, garbled buffer, and deconstructed reverb. Alternatively, flip the nearby toggle switch and you now have a sub-audio square wave to work with, with pitches ranging from 0.01 to 40Hz. Regardless of your sound source, there's also resonant lowpass and highpass filters with their own cutoff frequency controls, as well as a bitcrusher that can be engaged before or after the filtering stage for different effects. Decimate things further with the gain control to apply CMOS distortion, and then obliterate your sound entirely with the DOOM switch, applying 32767x gain. Forget tonal music entirely—real heads like Moffenzeef know noise is where it's at, and Knucklebuster will totally get you there.

Knucklebuster Features

  • Desktop noise synthesizer
  • Noise engine with four types: white noise, random squares, garbled buffer, and deconstructed reverb
  • Sub-oscillator square wave mode with pitch range from 0.01 to 40 Hz
  • Resonant lowpass and highpass filters
  • Bitcrusher with pre/post filter placement switch
  • CMOS distortion
  • DOOM switch with 32767x gain
  • Power: 9VDC center negative (PSU not included)
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