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ModorDR-2 Digital Drum Machine


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Modor DR-2

Modor’s DR-2 drum machine is a six-part DSP based digital drum synthesizer that uses powerful "models," which are configurable instruments that can be used to create customized kits, or faithfully recreate classic sounds from your favorite machines. With 15 models (and more to come), each with 12 configurable parameters, the DR-2 takes all of the standard features you’d expect from a drum machine and adds a fresh new level of intuitive control while still feeling familiar and accessible.

The DR-2’s 128-step sequencer features accents, flams, and probability globally and per channel, in addition to velocity, swing, and sound variation modes. This allows you to program two different drum sounds on the same channel and alternate between them per step, an amazing tool for truncating hi-hats, animating percussive hits, or creating basslines from bass drums. One of the most exciting features on the DR-1 is the ability to use the individual channel outs as inserts with the use of a TRS insert cable, enabling you to use outboard gear, pedals, or other effects to add a whole new level of depth to your performances. Modor takes great care in crafting synthesizers and instruments that are highly playable and the DR-1 is no exception—it will easily find itself at home in the studio thanks to its individual channel outs and mixing considerations, or shaking dance floors with it’s large and open interface that begs for it to be played and experimented with.

DR-2 Features

  • DSP based drum synthesizer
  • 128 step pattern sequencer with flam, velocity, random, sound variation, and accents
  • 15 unique synthesis models for building your own kit (future firmware updates adding even more)
  • Individual channel outputs, can be used as outputs or channel inserts with TRS
  • Analog and MIDI sync
  • Spacious and playable interface
  • Power: 9V, 600mA Center Positive
  • Dimensions: Width: 440mm, Height: 267mm, Depth: 40mm
  • Sync: MIDI IN/THRU/OUT 5 Pin, Analog Clock In/Out 3.5” Mono
  • Audio Outputs: 6x 1/4” Individual channel outputs, Stereo 1/4 output
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