Modbap ModularModbap20 Powered Eurorack Case


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Modbap Modular Modbap20

In collaboration with 4MS, Modbap Modular's eponymous Modbap20 is a limited edition 20HP eurorack case that is perfect for creating small systems, performance control modules, or just getting started with modular synthesis. With the included 4MS power bus board and 34mm of depth, you can work with several types of modules for utility modulation, sequencing, performance controls, and much more. With its sleek aluminum housing and small size, Modbap20 is the perfect Eurorack skiff for on the go, in the studio, or anywhere you need for getting the most out of your modules.

Modbap20 Features

  • 20HP Eurorack skiff
  • Compact and portable
  • Lightweight yet durable aluminum enclosure
  • Built-in power supply with included power brick
  • Module mounting depth 34mm
  • Power support: 0.7A @ +12V, 0.28A @ -12V, 0.2A @ 5V
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