MOD DevicesMOD Duo X Multipurpose Audio Processor Pedal


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Mod Devices MOD Duo X Multipurpose Audio Processor Pedal

To say that MOD Duo X from MOD Devices is either a desktop effects processor, a flexible MIDI and CV utility box, or a portable synthesizer would be a huge understatement—it is all of these things, and so much more. Perhaps the best set of words to describe what MOD Duo X is would be an open-ended open-source modular DSP platform with a clean and intuitive interface that can accommodate whatever effect, synth, sequencer, or combination of all of these that you dream up. While MOD Duo X can easily accomplish what other multi-FX processors and modular platforms do, what truly sets it apart is that instead of presenting users with yet another closed framework, it is open to a variety of existing audio programing environments like Max/MSP and LV2, and thus can seamlessly integrate with an existing workflow. This also means that you don't have to wait for the manufacturer to release new units/plugins/modules, but instead can freely dive into the ocean of community-powered developments, and if you'd like, you can even make your own tools.

While endlessly modular devices are becoming more common nowadays, perhaps one of the most difficult things to get right with such designs is the interface. Here again, MOD Devices managed to find the right balance, ingeniously counterparting internal complexity with clarity and simplicity on the outside. The unit is equipped with a pair of endless rotary encoders, eight knobs, and four push buttons—all freely assignable to any parameter in the virtual setup. Additionally, there are three performance-friendly push-buttons on top of the unit, two of which are what MOD Devices call "instant snapshot" buttons implemented for saving and recalling configuration settings in real time. There are also two high-quality displays that are clearly viewable in direct sunlight, designed for fast and easy navigation, and a pair of LEDs on left and right sides of the device for monitoring I/O signal levels.

Speaking of connectivity, MOD Duo X does not disappoint here either, sporting two input channels with built-in preamps, and an equal amount of outputs, easily configurable for either stereo or dual mono operation. Furthermore, the device includes inputs to support CV and Expression pedal connections, and a TRS output to be used for either two CV outs, or alternatively, as a headphone out. In terms of digital connections, MOD Duo X is equipped with the traditional 5-pin DIN MIDI I/O, a USB-device, and USB-host ports for interfacing with computers and controllers, a Control Chain port for MOD peripherals, as well as an additional S/PDIF out.

The flexibility of MOD Duo X extends to its programmability, as rather than relying on a platform-specific application, all the editing and patch loading is done via a web browser, making it compatible with pretty much any system. Out of the box, MOD Duo X comes with more than 180 effects, beyond 30 virtual instruments and MIDI Utilities, and over 15 CV Utilities. Of course, the list will only grow from here on.

MOD Duo X Features

  • Open-ended and open-source DSP platform
  • Independently configurable I/O for stereo or dual mono operation mode
  • Two high-quality graphical displays for easy navigation, and project management
  • A set of assignable control knobs and push-buttons: two endless encoders, eight knobs, and four buttons
  • Three program buttons, two of which perform the innovative "instant snapshot" function
  • Configurable CV I/O
  • Expandable library features a vast amount of audio effects, virtual instruments, MIDI, and CV utilities
  • Extensive connectivity via MIDI I/O, S/PDIF out, USB-host, USB-device, and Control Chain ports
  • Four LED signal level meters
  • Editable via web-browser
  • Dimensions: Processor: Dual Core ARM A7 1.0GHz
  • Power Specs: AD/DA: Cirrus Logic: 24 bit / 48 kHz
  • DAC: 104dB dynamic range, -90dB THD+N
  • ADC: 104dB dynamic range, -95dB THD+N
  • PSU included
  • Dimensions: 7.3" x 6.3" x 2.8"
MOD Devices MOD Duo X Multipurpose Audio Processor Pedal Reviews