Miso ModularCornflakes Stereo Granular Sampler


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Miso Modular Cornflakes

Miso Modular's Cornflakes is a granular sampler with an abundant amount of features that transform your sounds, pre-recorded or live, into fantastical textures and instruments. Cornflakes contains eight solid, high-resolution parameters that include all the controls you expect on granular synthesizer, including grain size, sample speed, position, and pitch. Grain size will control how short or long the grain that's repeated is, while position and sample speed determine where the selection begins to capture a grain and how fast the audio is played back, respectively. Because pitch and time are detached, you're allowed to experiment with time stretching and pitch shifting, which simply isn't possible in the analog domain.

Where Cornflakes really gets interesting is its pitch and voice controls. At face value, the pitch knob controls the relative pitch of the sample, spanning two octaves up and down. However, incorporating the harm and distribute controls opens up a wealth of harmonic possibilities, from subtle chorusing to brilliant chorales. The harm control tilts three additional voices over two octaves, either up or down, spreading them linearly from the first voice (original pitch) to the fourth voice (current harm position), while the distribute control determines how the inner two voices bias, favoring either the first or fourth voice. When engaging the quantize button, Cornflakes can create a wide range of polyphonic progressions you typically won't find in a module, let alone a modular system.

All eight parameters along with the play and record functions can be controlled manually or via CV, making for flexible granular playback and effects processing of live inputs. The stereo I/O includes a gain knob to control your input signal's level and a monitor switch for deciding whether or not to listen to the input signal. With the included SD card, you can store and access 32 sample slots over four banks, each slot accessible from the panel. Whether you're starting to explore the world of granular or looking to add some deep sample mangling capabilities, Miso Modular's Cornflakes plays well in any modular system.

Cornflakes Features

  • Granular sampler Eurorack module
  • Capable of time stretching, pitch shifting, harmonization and more
  • Process pre-recorded material use as real time effect
  • Eight parameters, each with CV inputs
  • High resolution controls
  • Pitch and harmonization controls are calibrated for 1V/Oct
  • Quantize control
  • Record and playback controlled manually or via CV
  • Stereo I/O with adjustable input gain and input monitor switch
  • SD card to store samples/recordings over 4 banks, each containing 8 slots
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 14hp
  • Depth: TBD
  • Current draw: 165mA @ +12V, 40mA @ -12V
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Miso Modular Cornflakes Stereo Granular Sampler Reviews