Meng QiWing Pinger Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer (Banana)


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Meng Qi Wing Pinger

The Wing Pinger from Meng Qi is an analog filter percussion desktop synth with internal feedback capabilities that can take you from gentle plucked tones to snarling feedback in an instant. The range of characters afforded by the Wing Pinger have to do with its shift register-based feedback FM routing, in which the output of each filter can modulate the cutoff of the other. Lest you think the Wing Pinger is a noisemaker and nothing more, the feedback FM can be dialed back to zero, giving you a playful, characterful dual filter-plucked modal resonator instrument to ping with the touch keyboard or even external audio. At sufficient resonance and feedback FM settings, the Wing Pinger can take on a life of its own, while touch control and robust MIDI and CV implementation make it versatile node in your setup regardless of its parameter settings. This version of the Wing Pinger comes with banana jacks for the CV I/O, making it a great companion for Buchla, Serge, Bugbrand, Ciat-Lonbarde and more.

Wing Pinger Features

  • Dual filter/resonator instrument with internal feedback frequency modulation loop
  • Touch keyboard and finely tuned parameter ranges for expressive control
  • MIDI and CV I/O
  • Audio input and output
  • Audio I/O: 1/4" TS
  • Patch Connectors: Banana
  • MIDI I/O: 3.5mm TRS, MAA Standard
  • Power supply: 12V Center Positive, 5.5 x 2.1mm DC plug, ≧0.3A recommended
Product Demo Videos
Wing Pinger & Wingie2... wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival
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