Mattoverse ElectronicsDrone Tone MKIII Synthesizer (Black Texture)


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Mattoverse Electronics Drone Tone MKIII

Drone Tone from Mattoverse Electronics is a drone synth for your pedalboard that adds a single square wave tone that is steady or can pulse. Equipped with an input, but it just gets passed straight to the output with the Mix knob adjusting the volume of the square wave oscillator. Use the Pitch and Tone to get the perfect texture and the Rate knob or Tap footswitch to add movement to the oscillator. This is a really interesting and weird pedal that will elevate your pedalboard into some truly lovely zones. Grab a Drone Tone MKIII for some psychedelic fun.

Drone Tone MKIII Features

  • Square wave synth in a guitar pedal format
  • Tone, Pitch, Mix, and Rate control
  • Can be static or pulsing
  • Input gets passed straight to the Output
  • 4.77" x 2.6" x 1.39"
  • 9v 20mA PSU (not included)
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Mattoverse Electronics Drone Tone MKIII Synthesizer (Black Texture) Reviews