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Maneco LabsSweet 16 Looping Delay Pedal


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Maneco Labs Sweet 16

The Sweet 16 from Maneco Labs is a revitalized version of the classic 1983 Electro-Harmonix 16 Second Digital Delay in a small form factor with some unique twists. At its core is a switchable Fast/Slow delay that, despite being called the Sweet 16, toggles between a 30s and 60s delay time. This digital delay is packed with delightful, warm modulation that can be pushed to create extreme zones, or just add a little bit of warble. The real joy comes from the Infinite switch that allows for looping, which can be manipulated with the Fast/Slow speed even while recording for satisfying pitched-up/down or glitchy effects. A reverse switch lets you dial in decidedly haunted sounds and makes for satisfying playable phrases: the switch does not reverse everything you play, but rather everything held in the feedback path. This gives you the option to have long reversed delays, as well as normal delays, then switch it back again, and again. A unique Vintage switch lets you record your playing while the pedal is bypassed, so you can pop in your loop without anyone realizing what was happening—not even you. The Sweet 16 sounds great, is in a small package, and will add a bit of spice courtesy from the audio chefs at Maneco Labs.

Sweet 16 Features

  • Delay and looper based on the '83 EHX 16s delay
  • Fast and Slow speeds give you 30 and 60 second delay/loop times, respectively
  • Tap tempo footswitch
  • Infinite mode footswitch engages looping
  • Switch for reversing delay feedback and loops
  • Built-in modulation with dedicated Rate and Depth controls
  • Expression pedal input for sample rate control
  • Dimensions: TBD
  • Power Specs: 9V center-negative 80mA (PSU not included)
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