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Maneco Labs Pikoloops

Pikoloops from Maneco Labs is a Eurorack version of the Pikocore lo-fi sampler and looper, originally created by Infinitedigits. This Raspberry Pi Pico based device chops and manipulates samples with its real time effects and on-board sequencer, effortlessly creating mangled breaks, melodies, and textures via a simple and button-mashable interface. With enough space to hold 8 minutes of 8-bit, 33kHz mono samples, Pikoloops will quickly become a go-to tool for getting glitchy with all sorts of audio sources.

Just like the original Pikocore, Pikoloops is controlled via 8 buttons and 8, two-knob parameter pages. Pressing any button during sequencing will automatically jump to the newly selected sample location, while double presses create instant breakbeat effects with time stretching, filters, wavefolding, and pitch shifts. Diving into the parameter menus lets you go further with character-rich lo-fi sound processing, and program or record sequences up to 128 steps to control sample position. Clock in and out lets you synchronize Pikolooper with the rest of your patch, while a trig out sends rhythmic timing information from its sequencer. Explore the happy accidents and glitched-out bliss of Pikocore in your own Eurorack system with Pikolooper from Maneco Labs.

Pikoloops Features

  • Eurorack version of Infinitedigits' Pikocore sampler/looper
  • Up to 8-minutes of 8-bit, 33kHz mono samples
  • Internally clocked or externally synchronized sequencing of sample position
  • Up to 128 step sequencing with sequence recording
  • Jammable, tempo-synced effects like stutter, retriggers, and tunneling
  • Real-time effects like filter, timestretch, and wavefolding
  • Clock in, Clock out, and Trig out for synchronizing with other devices
  • Load your own samples, alternative firmware, or firmware updates via USB-C
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 12hp
  • Depth: TBD
  • Current draw: 200 mA @ +12V, 15 mA @ -12V
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